Map of the Internet's global infrastructure

Map of the Internet's global infrastructure

A real-time crowdsourcing map of the Internet's global infrastructure

Infrapedia is a near real-time crowdsourcing map of the Internet's global infrastructure, detailing the world's subsea and terrestrial networks, as well as other critical infrastructure assets in real-time, while allowing network professionals to connect with each other to help companies improve and sell capacity faster, cheaper and easier.

Infrapedia is a for-profit company incorporated in Delaware. Business users can pay a fee or share their operational status data to make Infrapedia useful.

The focus is on showing the layer one structure of the global Internet and developing a platform that allows community members to engage directly with infrastructure and data centre providers to exchange resources, view special offers, and more.

Infrapedia scours the Internet and maintains close relationships with key market players, industry experts and Internet resources to find infrastructure assets worldwide and update our databases daily with undersea cable and data centre status, outages and social media publications.

Infrapedia is the only public tool available to engineers, decision-makers and infrastructure experts that provides a global operational view of the Internet infrastructure to support identifying potential areas of expansion, new opportunities and possible collaborations with other community members.

With the help of an Advisory Board made up of industry experts, Infrapedia builds community awareness by reaching out to other operators, service providers and Internet businesses such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook. As a result, and with the help of partners and sponsors, Infrapedia can continue providing the world's most realistic view of Internet infrastructure for free, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the platform and the community.

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YEA! It has an API in NodeJS for maps.


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