Testing hashnode Github integration post

Testing hashnode Github integration post

Esli Silva
·Jul 4, 2021·

1 min read

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Hello from github repo ;-)

Repo: https://github.com/Esl1h/Esl1h-hashnode\_posts

File in markdown: https://github.com/Esl1h/Esl1h-hashnode\_posts/blob/main/testing.md

After connecting our app to your repository, follow these instructions to set up sourcing of posts from GitHub Your root folder should have all posts in markdown (.md) format Each post must have these details at the top of the file:

tags: TAG_SLUG_1, TAG_SLUG_2
domain: YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME_HERE (e.g. sandeep.dev or sandeep.hashnode.dev)
Enter article body here
To use images in your posts, you will have to first upload them using the Hashnode uploader.

Posts sourced from GitHub can't be edited on Hashnode.

This is an initial version. Feedback is very much appreciated.